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The Walker Company of Louisiana, Inc.

Ansul Products Authorized Agent

2000 Old Spanish Trail
Suite 115
Slidell, LA 70458 USA

We are an agent for Inbal Valves, Ansul Fire Protection and Stang
Industrial Products. We consult, estimate, market, sell and deliver Fire
Protection Hardware.

We offer -

*Estimating - Consulting - Sales - Catalogs - Brochures
*Control Valves - All Types - Manual - Remote Operated
*Fire Monitors - Manual - Remote Controls - Elevated
*Foam Systems - All Types - Eductors - Atp - Balance Pressure
*Foams - "All Types"
*Pressure Tanks - All Sizes For Foam, Water, Chemicals
*Approvals: FM - UL - ABS - DNV - Coast Guard - SOLAS - MODU
*Fire Systems - Helideck - Storage Tanks - Flammable Liquids

Our corporate headquarters are located in Slidell, Louisiana, USA
If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Visit our main web site at!